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Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - 9 days ago

Hello all, Mr. Sarge here again!

I come with the exciting news that the backstory to my main character will hopefully be done by next week!

I was originally gonna have it done by this week, but I decided to add quite a bit more to showcase Verwus's abilities and how he changes.

Oh, and the movie finally has a name

Madness: Reprisal

Otherwise, eat up some fancy previews!

(Sprite Credit:

Rockluki, Borkman, ShootDaCheese, Walther, JollyBag, Krinkels, and Mr Sarge/Myself.)






That'll be all for now my good fellas.

Have a good one, I'll be working vigorously on this project and forget that I have actual duties in life while doing it!



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - 2 weeks ago

Hello! Sarge is here again for another update.

I am working on S-Retribution slowly, sadly I've lost a lot of motivation but I still believe I will release it.

But more importantly is I am working on a 30-60 second mini-movie of backstory to my main character, the one that my friends have seen and that they have to deal with me constantly talking about.

The movie itself doesn't have a name yet, but we will see how it turns out.

Here's some more previews for you all!



S-Retribution Previews


Singular Preview for the basic backstory mini-movie.



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - February 14th, 2020

It's That Time Again

I say I got a movie comin' up but I don't finish it, riiight???

Well, my stuff in progress (introductory movie, Aberrantium, and Operation: Phobia Clip) have either been re-scheduled for the future, or are currently stalled due to other forces.


In the meantime I decided to do a different project as a mini-project that, instead of using only my sprites, uses a variety of people's Sprites!

The following spriters have their sprites used: ShootDaCheese (Main Enemies), MrMikeX and Walther (Guns and Misc), Borkman (Purely Misc), Novaheaded (BGs and Etc.), Raff, Krinkles (A lot.) and of course, Mr. Sarge (Main Protagonist, Main Antagonist, Edits to pre-existing sprites, BGs and misc.)

Other Contributers: Noxioustech (Editing and SFX by the End), CturiX Kemilon (SFX), and my good friends for support (Such as ShnozBall, Jollybag, Audanti's Lagging Skellington, Red, Pol, and more.)

Now I won't say much else about the project yet, other than it's nearing 1500 Frames already (Which is not at all the target, but is still sizeable for only being a week old or so)

Buuuut I shall provide the Name of the Project and some previews


Incident: S-Retribution is a non-canon (to my canon) Madness Short Involving The Sheriff and Bandits.





That should be all for now, Have an Excellent day my Compatriots, and Stay Tuned!

(Probably won't be too good, but it'll be acceptable. I hope.)



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - February 8th, 2020

Hello All!

Mr. Sarge Here

As you may or may not know, some big changes are coming...

I have begun doing some large, large changes to my animation style and sprites in general, and despite how many Movies I've said I wanted to produce and was working on, almost all of them have been cancelled.

The Following Movies Were Cancelled

  • Judicial 1.5
  • AVG
  • Judicial 2
  • Ripoff Incident 1000A


The Following Movies Are In Production or Planned

  • Introductory Movie (90% Done)
  • Aberrantus/Aberrantium/WhateverINameIt (10% Done)
  • Operation: Phobia Collab Clip (???% Done)

Now what is especially good is the first and last. The first may be incredibly boring but it'll be a good comeback. The last is a very special project I am doing with NoxiousTech and JollyBag as a mini co-host. So far it seems to be an incredibly large collab and I hope it won't be stuck in limbo akin to Greedy.

In addition my Animations will have a full fledged canon with quite the lot of stuff (probably too much.) The former "AACR" has been completely overhauled and changed into the "ACRA". The "G-Mercenaries" haven't been renamed but will serve a new purpose as a source of disposable man power for a price... The "GEC" are an old, never seen overhaul of an old faction I never showed that lurk beneath the surface and prowl upwards to capture people and turn them into monstrous abominations within their "flesh reactor". The "Empire of Likhos" serve as a long forgotten empire that served outside of Nevada before their collapse, despite that they hid in Nevada shortly before madness fell, hiding much of their incredible technology and findings in secretive great vaults or hidden bunkers. Some of this technology eventually gave rise to other factions as well...

Finally, I have a few images of some of the stuff I've worked on. They're very slight and don't tell much or others are simply sprites I have done recently. Enjoy.

Operation: Phobia Collab



Misc Sprites






And Finally, a Nice little, Slightly Outdated Comparison of Some of my Custom Sprites


That'll be all for now!

Thank you for your time, and stay tuned for more!

- Mr. Sarge



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - July 6th, 2019

I got plenty of work done on Judicial 1.5 but in the end I hated the result. So, I scrapped it.

Instead, I have a new movie planned. I have already begun work on it and will be working with Rockluki for Backgrounds and probably my wondrous friend SentryTurbo for music. (Cturix for sounds too).

Here's a small little preview of an opening I whipped up.

??? Preview



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - March 20th, 2019

Hay guys! Mr. Sarge/Mister Torture/TheAnnoyingDog/Whatever the hell my name is anymore, Here with another update on Judicial 1.5!


We're at around 1040 frames, though that isn't nearly done, it feels quite good having so much done!

Plus we got some special crap like what's above, plenty of sounds by Cturix Kemilon and an endless amount of inspiration and support from other animators! I gotta say I love this community thus far, it has been quite fun and I have enjoyed this ride thus far, and I'll remain for a looong while I bet.


Oh and our Protagonist is getting a look of his that nobody on here has probably seen but is secretly his most iconic look with killa equipment like that!



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - March 16th, 2019

Hey guys! Mr. Sarge, or otherwise known as Mister Torture, or on here, TheAnnoyingDog here.

I'm here to let you know that I am working on Judicial 1.5! The second episode of what is probably going to be a little test series of mine with no real story or goal. Have a sneak peak or two :)


Yes, this guy is the main character of the short, and I wonder who the antagonist(s?) will be?


The Sheriff of course isn't going to be very important.



Posted by TheAnnoyingDog12 - December 24th, 2018

Hey guys, it's me. The guy nobody knows whatsoever.
Here to bring some most wondrous news!
After beginning to vastly improve my sprite and animation talent, I have begun work on a Collab. I've done a few scenes so far, finishing up one right now.

I won't spoil much, but the other big animator in it is Irongole and he's pretty good. Has much improved since his last collab/movie. Like me!

Have a singular sneak peek however ;)

With Love,

-Mr. Sarge/MISTER_TORTURE/TheAnnoyingDog12

(yes i did all sprites and art remade from krank in the sneak peek)