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I animate madness and am generally boring. That's about it.

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Hey all, Mr. Sarge here, happy to say Merry Madness day!

I didn't do that much, all things considered, but I did help out a few movies! I will hopefully get some sort of project done eventually, I just jump around a lot and am kinda bad and inconsistent. Though I guarantee I'll deliver eventually, or die trying!

Movies I Helped/Am In:

RCP: Madness, Episode 5!

What I did: A lot of guns. Though what I did doesn't appear until around 2:20.

Reezgo rocks, keep on doing what you do, man! I will be sure to help as much as I can.

JailBreak: Fall of Helios - TEASER TRAILER

What I did: Animation scene. Appears at 1:21!

I am ecstatic that JollyBag has given me a chance to be apart of this collab. It was my DREAM to join it for so long! So seeing that I am even just shown a bit in the Teaser Trailer warms my heart to no end. Thank you.

Take Out the Mates

What I did: One line of voice acting for Ellvis.

This one was a surprise, my friend Eliter contacted me randomly and wanted me to do a voice line, and the result was used before I even knew what I got into. Still, happy to contribute in some way, even if I did it terribly.

PROJECT: Felony (sorta)

What I did: I was originally gonna have a joke clip within a joke collab but that was forgotten, due to Shadz having to rush a bit and my thing being low priority., however I also did the original sprites that the rock guys at 8:06 are based on. I did the original bodies, accessories, feet, and guns, but all the rocky stuff was done by Mystic.

I loved Felony. It was a joke collab that felt like a joke collab, had tons of great moments, some good inside jokes, and didn't overstay its welcome. I was even more surprised to see that technically my sprites were used! Which I am happy about either way.

That is all, Merry Madness Day!

- Mr. Sarge

p.s. atp505 fucks, sleezy sucks


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